Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 2: Jamaica Trip

We started off day two of our Jamaican vacation by going down to Norma's restaurant, which was in our hotel, to eat some breakfast.

And here we are looking all touristy while waiting on our food.  I absolutely loved that by just
taking a few steps, you could put your toes in the water! P.S. How gorgeous is the water?!

 After breaksfat, we headed to the town center of Negril to go to the supermarket.  We ended up grabbing some snack and lunch food for our hotel room so we could save some money by eating lunch in every day.  Forgot to take a picture of the market area.  Photog slacker, I know :/

Then we headed back, unloaded the groceries, got dressed and headed to the beach where we took a long
nap and walked along Seven Mile Beach (which isn't actually seven miles by the way).

Poor hubby has his eyes closed in most of the pictures we took on the beach.   Even C looks like he needs some sun and he is normally very tan!

After our beach time, we headed in to get ready and go to dinner.  Our taxi driver from earlier in the day had told us that the place to be on Monday nights in Negril is Bourbon Beach.  So that my friends is where we decided to go.

Here we are at the Bourbon Beach Bar.  We met a nice local named Marcos and even met the owner
who is from the states.  I ate a cheesburger and fries and Chris got the pulled pork sandwich which
has been featured on The Food Network.  Chris thought it was great, but I didn't really care for the pork
too much. Anyways, after enjoying a few Red Stripes and listening to a local reggae band, we decided
to turn in for the night. 

And that my friends concludes Day 2 of our trip. Happy Wednesday!