Sunday, March 27, 2011

ABCs of Me!

So I have been a little blah with my blogging lately so here is a fun random post....the ABC's of me! A-Age: 23 B-Bed Size: King (my hubby is really tall so he needs the extra space) C-Chore you Hate: Washing Dishes (I shove everything I possibly can into the dishwasher) D-Dogs: Lexie (Chris and I got her after I passed nursing boards last year...she is like our child.) E-Essential Start to your Day: Orange juice or sweet tea on my days off and coffee on the days I work! F-Favortie Color: Light green, gray, and turquoise G-Gold or Silver: Both (but not together) H-Height: 5'3 I-Instruments you play: Piano J-Job Title-Registered Nurse K-Kids: none L-Live: Georgia but I'm a Carolina girl at heart! M-Mom's Name: Beth N-Nickname: Megs, Meggers O-Overnight hospital stay: once in the ER but other than that only when I'm at work! P-Pet Peeve: lazy people at work Q-Quote from a move: "Tigers love pepper, they hate cinnamon" (The Hangover) R-Right/left: Righty S-Siblings: Brother-Jonathan; Sister-Monica; Sister in law-Stephanie T-Time you wake up: 5:50am for work and 8 am on my days off U-Underwear: Macys, Target, Victoria's Secret V-Veggies you dislike: turnips, cabbage (except when used in a spring roll): I like pretty much anything else W-What makes you run late: when my hubby accidentally turns off the alarm clock in his sleep. X-X rays you've had: just oral ones at the dentist Y-Yummy food you make: I make some mean sweet potatoe fries :) Z-Zoo Animal: Giraffe Hope everyone has a fantastic week :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am doing my first link up ever (since I am still learning the blogging ropes) with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that I've had three days off in a row this week. I had a rough patch at work lately so it was very much needed!

I'm loving Sephora's eyeshadow primer. I tried both Sephoras brand and the Urban Decay brand out in Sephora, and Sephora's brand works just as great for a fraction of the price if you are looking for an invisible eyeshadow primer!

I'm loving this super cute geometric print dress that I picked up today. The picture isn't great, but it has gray and pink tones, a ruffled collar, and buttons down the entire dress. LOVE it! It fits my shape really well, and I already have a light pink belt with a gold buckle that matches perfectly.

And of course I'm loving my sweet hubby and pup! I LOVE my little family :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My life be like.....

Thought I would make up for lost time and do a quick update of our January and Feb. happenings so that I can catch up on this whole blog thing. I am really going to try and do a better job at keeping it up this year. So here is the past few months in a few words

January: Mom's birthday hosted at our house (it was the 1st thing that we had "hosted" at the new house so it was a definitely a new experience for us). Heres a pic of me and my sweet momma, oh and of course lexie lou!

I also had time to do some much needed decorating in our house! We put a bookcase in our living room and I attained some super cool pieces for our mantle from a local antique shop :) Antiquing makes me very happy. We also experienced a bit of a snow/ice strom here in Augusta, GA. I have to admit it was exciting at the thought of it, but I was so over it due to the fact that I was working nights that week, and of course I was stuck at work due to the ice that had accumulated. The hospital had a "code green" in effect meaning no employees could leave until there was an all clear due to staffing shortages. Boo to code greens! Anywhoo I finally made it home safe to get some sleep.

On to February:
I went on a girls trip to Charleston for my friend Amanda's birthday. We drove up Saturday morning and did some shopping and went to dinner, then went out later in the night. It was so much fun and I got some pretty sweet jewelry at the market! Sunday we woke up and drove to the outlets on our way home. I arrived home just in time for the superbowl festivities. We decided to go low-key and just watch the game at home. We had my brother over so he and my husband had some guy bonding time over the game, while myself and Lexie unpacked and sorta kind of watched the game. haha. Lexie was very into the half-time show though.
My husband and I also celebrated our 1st married Valentine's Day. It also happens to be the day we got engaged two years ago, so we celebrated that too :) We had already went out to dinner earlier in the week at this super cute local italian restaurant, The Garlic Clove, so we stayed home and my husband cooked chicken marsala and garlic mashed potatoes for us. It was sooo yummy and he did such a wonderful job. One funny story to take from that night though...Ok so maybe it isn't too funny because it could have ended up badly but I just have to poke a little fun at my husband for this. We got a candle holder and one of those led candles as a Christmas gift and i have to admit I do love the led candles. So anywhoo, I walk into the kitchen and there sits a nicely cooked meal complete with the table being set, and some romantic problem, I noticed the flame was very very high (like much higher than normal) on the candle....soo I mentioned that it looked high and started to walk over, my husband agreeing with me. Then as I got closer I notices little black things flying in the air....So guess what I found out................................................. My husband had straight up lit the led tea-light candle thinking it was a real candle!! So after a quick extinguishing of the candle and covering the food trying to save it from the black flying things, and ok, maybe a few bad words from my poor frustrated husband....we did enjoy our meal in our intact, still standing kitchen...Praise the Lord!!!! haha. Very eventful 1st married valentines day!

Ok ok so I know that was more than a few words...sorry! I pinky promise to do a better job of upkeeping my blog. Happy Wednesday everyone!