Friday, November 8, 2013

Week one as new parents

Parenthood is exciting, exhilarating, wonderful, and frightening all at the same time. We welcomed our sweet daughter A into the world on October 30th (this is why I have been MIA the past 9 months).   I will never forget the moment I looked into her eyes and realized this is one of the best things to ever happen in my life.  Euphoria set in. Friends and family came to celebrate with us in the hospital that afternoon.  We survived our first night with A, waking up almost every hour for feedings. The feeling of, hey we can do this, slowly set in.  On Day 5 we even made it through our first doctors appointment with A, coming out with only one diaper leak. Upon arriving back home from that appointment we even had a little victory party right in our living room. Fast forward to day 6.  I was alone with A for a few hours for the first time. We went about our normal morning routine. I decided it was time to trim A's fingernails. Well I made to it the thumb nail and accidentally cut a little piece of her skin...bring on the screaming cries, which led me to start bawling my eyes out...which freaked my dog out who started barking. A's little thumb started bleeding a little which freaked me out even more. Side note: I'm an ER nurse so the me freaking out part should not have happened.  My husband arrived home right on time and I know he probably thought something very terrible had happened.  Bless his heart for jumping right in and helping calm me down.  Night 7 involved us up every hour and A fighting sleep like crazy.  There was not enough caffeine in the house the following day.  Even though we are imperfect and I'm sure we did many things incorrectly, we made it through week one. Here's to many more years of parenting! It's truly in God's hands.