Sunday, October 3, 2010

Updates on the house

The house inspection went great! Only minor fixes needed :) We are now set to close hopefully by the end of October. We are getting very excited. I have been on during my free time for decorating ideas. Hoping to hit up some yard sales this month. I am hoping to find a small table for the foyer and maybe a cool painting and some picture frames. Anywhoo Chris just started his new job so he has been busy with that, and as for me I am still survivng as a medical surgical nurse and love working my three 12s and having a few days off per week. I am really looking forward to this fall and winter. Some things I am looking forward to:
Fall time happenings
Carving a pumpkin
Celebrating both mine and Chris's bdays
Bringing out sweaters and boots
Hopefully having our own trick or treaters
Apple pie
The Holidays
Possible camping trip
Hope everyone haves a happy fall!