Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Recap part 2!

Here is part two of the recap to our lives this past year. We have shared some of the happiest times together, and some sad ones as well. God is still helping us grow with him daily and I am just so thankful that we have an all knowing God that knows the path for our lives even when we are unsure and anxious about our future. 


We spent the 4th at Lake Murray and had an awesome time. This was Lexie's 1st lake trip and she had a great time as well. On July 5th we had quite a scare as Lexie had a heat stroke while I was walking her with a friend. We rushed her to the vet and she had to stay overnight in the hospital. Thank goodness she is back to her normal self again. 

Later that month I went to the Myrtle Beach for a few days with my family for some R&R. Poor Chris had to stay home to work. We had a great time being beach bums : )


This month seemed to go by so quickly. Chris was pretty busy with school and work and I was still tracking along at work as well. This was a fun picture we took with Lexie...she was already loving on Annalise! We also had a baby shower for Annalise given by some of my closest friends.


My cousin welcomed another son into the world so I got some baby practice before A's arrival! I also celebrated at a baby shower for one of my closest friends, Amanda. We grew up together and it was so fun being pregnant together. 

Where so I start with this month?! We had a very busy month. My sister in law got married, we celebrated our birthdays in the middle of the month, my little sister from my college sorority got married, and the BEST moment of all...the birth of our daughter!! Here is the month in pictures 

We brought Annalise home, had her first doctors visit, took her to the baby dedication at church, and celebrated our 1st Thanksgiving as a family of three (well technically four because we consider Lexie a family member). My friend also welcomed her son into the world. Dakota and Annalise are a week apart and I just know that they will be great friends growing up! 

This month has been filled with a lot of Christmas festivities and time with family. This Christmas was so special to us, mainly because this is the time of year we remember God's greatest blessing to us, his son; and also because we celebrated Annalise's 1st Christmas. 

Happy New Year everyone!!! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 Recap: Part 1

2013 was a wonderful year for us. We welcomed our daughter into the world and learned a lot through new life changes and challenges. Here's a recap of our year. 
January: We welcomed in the new year at the Rhodens annual New Years party and celebrated my Mom's and my friend Lauren's birthdays.

Chris started graduate school for his MBA

February: We got some life changing news! 

We also celebrated Valentine's Day by having a nice dinner at home due to our busy work schedules. 

March: We got to announce our news to family and friends. 

Then I got to experience life as a patient when I burnt my hand cooking. Fun times 

April: We celebrated Easter with our families and I got to help my sister in law pick out her wedding dress. 

May: We went on vacation to Hilton Head Island and celebrated my 1st Mother's Day. 


We also gave my grandmother a surprise birthday dinner. 

June: We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. This was a very special day not only because it was our anniversary, but also because we found out that we were having a girl! I was 21 weeks pregnant and baby was growing healthy. After the appointment, C surprised me with lunch at a restaurant in downtown that we had been wanting to try.  Our anniversary was such a special day to us. 

We also had a gender reveal dinner with our families as a fun way to share our news.  We had everyone take guesses during dinner and then cut a cake with pink filling inside after dinner.