Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Musings!

Well today is actually my Sunday and tomorrow is actually my Monday (ahhh the life of a nurse!)....but since the calendar says it's Monday, I'll just play along.  I had a nice relaxing day off work today.  I woke up with all intention of going to the trainer I've been seeing lately, but was not feeling 100% so I stayed home.  I finished up my application for graduate school today! Yay :)...huge stress relief there.  Now I have to wait unit May to hear back : / 

Speaking of May, it feels like May here!! 81 degrees today.  Talk about a tease because it's supposed to be back in the 50's with low of 30's next week.  It did however give me the opportunity to wear the Wynnie Lilly top I got from the Rue La La Lilly sale!  See previous post....This is my first Wynnie top and I absolutely love the fit!  Highly recommend it for a cute Spring/Summer top. 

After running a few errands, I came back home, picked my dog Lexie up, and went for a visit to my Mom's house.  Absolutely love going to visit my Mom.  It always puts me in a better mood.  And my Mom loves seeing Lexie and vice versa. My Mom calls Lexie her grand-dog and it's the cutest thing!  I guess she's trying to hint around about wanting grandchildren :)  Now I'm back at home, waiting on the hubby to get home from work and class, while smelling chicken fajitas that I have cooking in the crock pot.  After dinner tonight, I plan on watching episode two of the Bachelor...never gets old to me!  For right now I'm just going to snuggle up with my little Lexie Lou :)

Happy Monday!!


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  1. It got pretty warm here, too!! Up to 70! And then it dropped back down to 30. Haha! Although it actually feels kinda good to my preggo self!