Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today I'm linking up with Jaime for one of my favorite link ups...What I'm loving Wednesdays.  Today I'm loving that I have the next few days off from work to relax and catch up on some TV.  I especially
can't wait to get caught up watching the Bachelorette. Emily seems so sweet.  Hopefully she will find love this season.

I'm also loving that our vacation is just 25 days away! It cannot come soon enough.  Negril, here we come :)

I'm  loving that we are getting ready to paint our guest bedroom and bathroom.  I'm having a hard time deciding the colors thought.  I'm thinking a shade of light grey for the guest bedroom and a shade of either sea green or light blue for the guest bath.  I think it will really help to get some color in our house!  Here are some of the colors that I'm considering right now. 
This is the color that I'm considering for our guest bathroom.  I think it would feel very relaxing with this color.  

I really like this color palette.  The light grey on the far left still feels very neutral to me.  We have light blue
bedding with hints of grey and I think this color would go really well with it. 
Let me know what you guys think.  Happy Wednesday!



  1. Love the far left! I love any shade of grey honestly. And yet ... I still have yet to read that darn book!

  2. I want to do my guest bathroom in sea green also! Enjoyed reading your post :)

  3. Love your link up with Jaime for WILW. I'm new to the blogging world so not sure how "linking" works. Love your color scheme that you picked out though. Where is the color splotch from?

  4. Thanks! To link someone you write your blog
    post, publish it; Then you go to the hosting
    blog's page and there will be a place to enter your link. You fill out the fields then tada, you've done your first link-up. I found the colors through one of my friends on pinterest. It's called and they have a ton of color palettes :) They make
    me want to repaint my entire house. haha

  5. I love sea green for your bathroom! I bet that will be so pretty! I'm in the process of catching-up on The Bachelorette! I love Emily!

  6. I love that color! So soothing!!