Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Letters

Today I'm trying something new and linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters.

Dear Dr. Pepper, I have missed you these last few weeks. I tried to be a good girl and stay away from you but you are just too darn good. Your refreshing taste totally made my overtime
night at work in the ER a lot better. Dear husband, when you leave your dirty clothes lying around the bedroom it drives me crazy. However, I do appreciate the fact that you do the dishes occasionally. Dear Pollen, can you please go away? Although you have a pretty yellow color, you make my life miserable. Dear ER patient, it is not possible to have strep throat coming out of your fingernails. I apologize if I rolled my eyes at you when you asked me that, but seriously....get real! Also, cold symptoms are not an emergency. Dear lady behind me in line at Target. When they open up another lane and ask for the next customer, please try and remember that I am in front of you in line. So do not try to cut in front of me and jump to the newly opened lane.



  1. hahahaha... strep throat coming out your fingernails?! I can't imagine what kind of other questions you get!

  2. oh the list could go on and on! haha. At least my job is entertaining.

  3. love these letters! totally wrote the same one to pollen.