Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today I'm linking up with Jamie @ this kind of love for What I'm loving Wednesdays. Today I'm loving that it is Emergency Nurses Day! I recently became an
ER nurse and I have to say it is very challenging. The hours are long and crazy, plus you never know what kind of illness someone will have. We have a great team at the hospital I work at so I have to say, I have had some great experiences so far. Heres a nurse's prayer that I found and I think it is so sweet:

"Give me strength and wisdom when others need my touch; A soothing word to speak to them, their hearts yearn for so much; Give me joy and laughter, to lift a weary soul; Pour in me compassion, to make the broken whole; Give me gentle healing hands, for those left in my care; A blessing to those who need me, this is a Nurse's prayer."

I am also loving that tonight Revenge is coming on television. This is my favorite nw fall show on TV!

I am also loving that my birthday is Friday! My hubby already surprised me with a one hour massage at a local spa :) I am definitely looking forward to celebrating with friends and family!

Happy Wednesday!!

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