Monday, September 5, 2011

2 On Tuesday!

So I thought since I have been MIA for awhile that I would re-start my blog with a link-up! My cousin, A, is now hosting 2 on Tuesdays. Be sure to visit her blog, My Chihuahua Bites!

This week's theme is 2 favorite things about Fall.
Let me just say that Fall is by far my favorite season. I am most looking forward to both mine and my husband's bdays :) We always celebrate wth both of our families and friends. Maybe this year we will try a joint family birthday dinner. I really love family time because the older I get, the rarer the family time gets. Everyones schedules seem to get busier and busier, and it's always good to step back, and just enjoy being together.

My 2nd favorite thing about fall is all of the fall decorations. I have been pinteresting a lot lately for fall decor ideas and have found some pretty cute diy ones! My friend Jessica is having a halloween party so I have been sharing a lot of the ideas with her for her party. I'm looking forward to Fall and getting back into blogging mode :)

"Happy Fall Ya'll"


  1. I love fall decorations! They are just so cozy!

  2. We have lots of Fall birthdays too!!

    Visiting from 2 on Tuesday!


  3. Tbanks for linking up Meg! I didn't know you were on Pinterest. I think I'm on there are AndreaLeigh129.

    I can't wait to put up fall decorations. Assuming I can fund them, that is.

    Yeah for birthdays! Can't wait!


  4. Fall decorating is so much fun.. Joint Birthday's are a great way to celebrate!

  5. Love the fall decor! I especially love the smells of fall. Everything smells so nice, and crisp. You can smell the apple and pumpkin in the air!

    Visiting over from 2 on Tuesdays!

  6. I love fall decorations! I need to spend some time on Pinterest finding my fall decorating inspiration. :-)

  7. Stopping by from 2oT. Fall decorations are so fun. And Pinterest is making is OOC for me this year.
    Can't wait to hear more about your joint birthday. Sounds like fun!