Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2 on Tuesday!

I'm linking up with Andrea @ My Chihuahua Bites for 2 on Tuesdays! This week, the theme is two favorite halloween costumes. I'm not one to dress up every year. I'm also reallly bad about taking pictures. So here are the only two pictures of me dressed up for halloween that I could find.

Exhibit A:

I really thought my husband's costume (then boyfriend) was hilarious! He was a whoopie cushion. And I was a nurse.

Exhibit B:

This is from this year. My friend Jessica hosted a halloween party. I was a flapper and Chris (once again with funny costume), is a Red Sox pitcher. Sorry to all of the red sox fans out there in advance. He had a KFC bucket and a beer in his hand because the ongoing joke is that the pitchers sit in the dug outs during the games drinking beer and eating KFC. He was a big hit with the guys at the party.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe halloween!

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  1. oh I love it! you guys are so creative. you will have to help me come up with a costume next year.

    sorry I am just now coming by - things have been crazy around here.