Tuesday, September 14, 2010

House Hunting

House hunting was fun and exciting, but also somewhat stressful. It felt like every house we visited just wasn't "the one" for us. And when we felt like they were we would find out they were already under contract. But thankfully we finally found THE house last week. We made an offer last Friday and had to wait all weekend to hear back from the offer...definietly suspensful!......but......our offer was accepted! yay :) So now we are busy bees with paperwork and other house-buying realated duties!! We don't really mind though because we are elated! Our inspection is this Thursday and we may even get to close by the end of the month. We are soooo ready to have more room for Lexie to play and we are looking forward to having a yard. haha!

More updates coming after the inspection....hopefully it will be good news!


  1. Congrats Meg! Can't wait to see pictures. You're hosting christmas this year, right? ;)

  2. Thanks Andrea! We posted one on facebook of the outside...and I would love to host Christmas, but I'm sure I would def. need some assistance!